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#ifndef boot_fs_h
#define boot_fs_h

#include <linux/types.h>
#include <asm/stat.h>

struct bootfs {
      int   fs_type;
      int   blocksize;
      int   (*mount)(long dev, long partition_start, long quiet);

      int   (*open)(const char *filename);
      int   (*bread)(int fd, long blkno, long nblks, char *buf);
      void  (*close)(int fd);

      /* You'll probably want to use this like:
            while ((ent = fs->readdir(fd, !rewind++)));
         so that it rewinds only on the first access.  Also don't
         mix it with other I/O or you will die horribly */
      const char *      (*readdir)(int fd, int rewind);
      int   (*fstat)(int fd, struct stat* buf);
} ext2fs;

#endif /* boot_fs_h */

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